Real Estate Law

derecho_inmobiliarioReal Estate Law is one of our law firm’s cornerstones. After over thirty years of practising law, we have handled a large number of transactions related to the purchase and sale, mortgages, and leasing of real estate between private individuals and companies, residents, and non-residents. We take care to guarantee not only the strictest legality of the operations and the best results, but also a prior administrative analysis, involving city councils, provincial councils, communities of residents and other interested entities to provide the most efficient service. In this regard, our real estate law department works closely with the tax and urban planning department, thereby offering a multidisciplinary service that encompasses the operation’s tax and administrative aspects in addition to the strictly civil aspects of the transaction.

Family and inheritance law

derecho-de-familiaA large number of matters handled by our firm relate to inheritance law, namely the necessary procedures relating to succession after the death of a person and the destination of existing assets and rights. Our work in this area covers the tax and registry aspects that all inheritance procedures, whether testate or intestate, entail, dealing with the settlement of the estate and carrying out the necessary procedures up to the registration of the assets and rights in the corresponding registries. We can also assist you in court in matters involving separation and divorce, paternal-filial relations, and incapacity.

Commercial law

Derecho mercantilIn commercial matters, our firm offers secretarial services such as the drafting of all types of deeds and certifications, for the incorporation and merger of companies, capital increases, the liquidation of companies, the sale and purchase of companies, the challenging of corporate resolutions, etc. We also specialise in insolvency law, providing advice to all parties involved.

Administrative law

derecho-administrativoAdministrative law as a branch of law that regulates the relations between various administrations with individuals and companies leads to countless situations for which proper advice is essential.

Permits and legalisation of works : Many properties pose problems of an urban planning nature, either due to being built without the corresponding permits or going beyond their terms. There may also be cases involving overbuilding or where regulations are not complied with. At our firm we process all types of urban planning permits, as well as the legalisation of works with the aforementioned problems, both on urban and non-development (“rustic”) land.

Compulsory expropriation and valuations: We handle all phases of the expropriation proceedings in order to obtain the best results for our clients, before the Provincial Expropriation Jury and, where appropriate, in the contentious administrative jurisdiction.

The liability to contribute funds of the administration: The principle of the extra-contractual liability to contribute funds of State administrations, regarding the damages suffered by individuals involving any of their goods and rights, as long as it is a consequence of the functioning of public services is a principle regulated in art. 106 of the Spanish Constitution. Our firm will advise you and, if necessary, appear before the different administrations and courts to defend your rights.

Medical malpractice: In the event of a medical error or malpractice that causes damage, whether physical or psychological, our firm will help you to obtain either reparation of the damage caused or financial compensation.

Urban planning: Urban planning law, as a set of legal rules, establishes the urban regime of land ownership and urban planning and regulates administrative activity aimed at the use of land, housing developments, and construction. Our firm will advise you and appear before the different administrations to deal with urban planning, urban management, and urban development issues, as well as in matters concerning the basic rights and duties of property owners.

Tax proceedings: Handling of tax proceedings, such as value verification proceedings arising from all types of transfers of goods and rights, such as sales, inheritance, gifts, limited verification proceedings, etc.

Contentious-administrative appeals: Our firm will advise you and, where appropriate, will handle legal claims against provisions of a general nature and against express or presumed acts of the different administrations that put an end to administrative proceedings, if they are detrimental to third part


We manage applications to obtain a Foreigner Identity Number (NIE), residence applications, “Golden Visa”, citizenship applications, specific taxation for non-residents, applications for refunds of taxes unduly paid by non-residents, following the Ruling of the 2nd Chamber of the Court of Justice of the European Union of 03-09-2014, processing of the inheritance of non-residents, inheritance tax, etc.

Tax law

Derecho tributario

In tax matters, our firm will advise individuals and legal entities, both residents and non-residents, on any aspect of tax matters, will prepare and file tax returns for various taxes, and will participate in tax proceedings, such as value verification proceedings arising from all types of transfers of goods and rights, such as sales, inheritance, gifts, limited verification proceedings, etc.


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